Mar 022014

This is a question that only you can answer, and only after trying it 🙂 But’ we’ll do our best to help you.

Subliminal audio is right for you if:

1. You need extra support to attain your goal (whatever it is)

Our subliminal audio programs are oriented to self-help: from phobia and addiction elimination, to confidence and motivation issues, to enhancing the power of your mind, to weight loss support, to learning languages and martial arts… So if you’ve been looking through our subliminal albums, chances are that you want to deal with an issue that prevents you from fulfilling yourself in one or more areas of your life.

And if you have recognized the need to fix that issue,whatever it is, then chances are that you’re willing to work on fixing it – you have the will, so you need that little extra to keep you motivated and to help you to change your mind patterns faster.

If you’re struggling with weight for example, you may need an internal “push” to do your exercises regularly; if you’re working on becoming more of a social person and you want to communicate with others more easily, you may need some additional motivation to become more outgoing.

Our subliminal albums can help in that. They’re designed to provide exactly that little “extra” that you need to attain the goal you have set for yourself.

2. You’ve been struggling with affirmations

Affirmations can often miss the “target”, especially if you’re trying to fix a complex issue like self-confidence or self-sabotage. These issues are buried deep in your subconscious, and affirmations are your conscious effort to make a change.

The problem is that your unconscious puts its defenses up when you try to change beliefs that are a crucial part of you – it’s particularly stubborn when you want to make it believe that you’re actually better than it believes you are. So when you want to “affirm” that you’re better – it simply says “no, you aren’t” and moves on.

Subliminal audio also uses affirmations, but they’re recorded just out of your conscious hearing level. That means that your mind doesn’t consciously hear it, it doesn’t know that the affirmations are getting in – so it can’t put up defenses. There’s no reason to 🙂

3. You are committed to make the changes you want to see

This should be obvious, but many people expect to play the albums, sit back and expect the change to happen all by itself.

That won’t happen. Subliminal audios aren’t some form of mind control where you can just program your mind to make you a person you want to be (it’d be great if something like that existed, right?). They can only give you additional boost towards goals you are consciously pursuing – but they can’t do the work for you.

We have covered that in more detail in the article “How Subliminal Messages Can Stimulate Positive Changes” you may want to check it up.

4. You speak English

Finally, our audio albums are made in English – so if you are a native speaker, you will benefit from listening to them.

If you aren’t you can still use them with very good results as long as you consciously know how to write, read, and speak English, at least to an extent. Your subconscious knows a lot more English than your subconscious – and the messages are intended for your subconscious anyway, so if you can understand the overall meaning of the messages on each album, you’re good (you can see the affirmations written on each page that describes what the album actually does).

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