Jan 222014

Subliminal messaging works all right, but it’s not a magic wand. That’s the first thing you need to understand before you dive into them.

We deal with the subliminal messages daily – our conscious mind simply can’t process everything we see and hear, so it gets stored in the subconscious. But we can also choose to willingly receive subliminal statements that we think will be beneficial to us, that’s what subliminal audios for self improvement are for. This use of subliminal messages has been scientifically proven, but you have to understand what you can expect from them and how far they can go.

A Huge Help, but Not a Magic Pill

People often expect subliminal messages to be a quick fix, a magical solution that will effortlessly change their life for the better. Unfortunately, such quick solutions don’t exist (at least we haven’t discovered them). Every change you want to make requires a certain amount of effort on your part. Subliminals can significantly reduce the amount of effort you’ll need, but they can’t remove it altogether.

As we have explained in the article about how subliminal messages work, there are two main elements that need to be honored: repetition and belief.

As for the repetition part, it’s easy – you play the album every day for a few weeks. You can do anything else while listening to it.

But the belief part is tricky.

You see, you can only turn a thought or an idea into a solid belief if you really, deeply believe that the change you want to make is possible, that you truly want it and that you’re prepared to support it by appropriate actions. Let us explain.

If you’re, say, not confident around the opposite gender because of your physical look and you want to change that feeling, you have to create an environment in which it will be possible for your mind to believe that you look fine and that you have what it takes to attract the members of opposite sex.

Your words and your actions so far have been supporting the idea that you’re not attractive. You kept saying things like: “I’m so fat, who’d want me”, the main role of your clothes was to hide your body shape, when out with friends you’d make sure that nobody notices you…

Now, you start listening to the subliminal album in order to change that feeling. You play your album every day – but you keep saying that you’re fat and there’s no room for fashion in your closet. It’s a habit, we get that, but how do you expect your mind to change when you aren’t showing that you want to change?

Get it?

This is where you need to remember to make use of the conscious part of your mind.

Subliminals Will Do the Hard Part  – You Need to Do the Other Part

The effects of subliminals have been scientifically proven, but the studies show that they give the best results when trying to convince someone of something they want to be convinced of anyhow.

Now, in this example you want to convince yourself that you’re attractive to the opposite sex. But by continuing to behave the way you did before you started to listen to the albums, you show to your mind that you don’t really want that. So why would it bother?

If you really want to change your negative beliefs about yourself, you need to start acting like you mean it!

Subliminal messages are able to start the change from within, so support it from without. Start saying positive things about yourself and your body, start acting confident, stop running away. Go out and buy some new clothes – not something that you’ll be uncomfortable in, not something too far from your taste, but do make an effort to accept the fact that you look better in some clothes.

Focus your attention and your conscious efforts to manifest the reality you want to live in from now on.

It may be difficult, or ridiculous, at first, but it won’t last. In a couple of days, the new behavior will start coming more naturally to you as the result of your conscious and unconscious efforts combined. Subliminals will make sure that the change goes a lot more smoothly.

With time, you’ll completely accept the new self image. When you work on changing a negative behavior, when you’re 100% committed to it, with your conscious and subconscious aligned – nothing can stop you from getting where you want to go!

Are you ready to commit to your success?

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