Mar 022014

This is a question we get a lot, so we decided to explain it in a separate blog post.

The answer will probably not satisfy you, but here it it: it depends.

We’re all different and dealing with different issues, so it really depends on the mind structure of each of us how long it is going to take for the results to show. As a general answer we could say that you will usually notice results within 2 weeks, but it may even be as fast as only 1 or 2 sessions – but it’s really a very general answer.

To explain this a bit deeper:

1. Our Minds Function Differently

We all have our unique experiences and ways of absorbing new information – and building new beliefs. Our previous experience determines significantly our ability to accept new things, especially when it comes to changing something that is intimately related to us.

Some people are more inclined to suggestions than others, and that’s just how it is.

2. It Depends on the Seriousness of the Issue You’re Trying to Solve

Some issues are much more complex than others, and that’s another thing that you should keep in mind while using subliminal messages.

Let’s use our albums Mind Relaxation and High Self Esteem as example.

Mind relaxation is fairly simple to achieve – you perhaps just need an additional technique to let your mind know and accept that it’s OK to relax and not to think 1000s of thoughts per minute. It’s not a complex issue, and it’s easily achievable as long as you’re not fighting it.

On the other hand, low self esteem has roots that go much deeper than just being restless – it’s a conviction, a belief (negative one) that someone has, which was built and supported within him or her over the years: a person has developed powerful mechanisms to confirm the reasons that support their belief of their own inadequacy (tricky how our mind can work). The mind will in this case struggle not to accept the messages (conscious or subliminal) that claim something different than that which it already believes to be true – so in this case it will take much longer for the subliminal suggestions to take root in the mind.

And in the second case (low self esteem) this is also a question that will significantly impact your results:

3. How Seriously Are You Committed to Your Success?

Especially when it comes to deeper issues like low self esteem, it’s crucial that you also consciously work on improving your state.

Subliminal messages won’t do you any good if you play them all day long and still do and say things that confirm your inadequacy: if you keep neglecting yourself, if you stay away from potentially challenging people and situations fearing that you will somehow fail, if you keep expecting little out of life for yourself because you believe that you don’t deserve better.

You need to work on changing things on the outside as well as from the inside. Your efforts in this direction have to be combined in order for you to achieve your goal and to move from not believing in yourself to becoming someone who knows he’s worthy of every beautiful thing life can throw your way.

You need to work on accepting challenges – accepting compliments for starters (that’s quite a challenge for someone with low self esteem); you need to keep reminding yourself of your worth, be it through written affirmations, social interactions or something else. And to use subliminal messages simultaneously, to support your efforts from within.

Or a more obvious example: our Stop Smoking subliminal album is a really good album, we have received hundreds of thank you emails for that one. But it was from the people who were also consciously committed to quit smoking and who needed additional support.

If you were to listen to the subliminal album with a lit cigarette in your hand – you’re clearly showing that you have no interest to stop smoking. So your brain won’t be challenged to change the way it views smoking – and nothing will change for you.

To conclude:

“How long will it take” is a complex question that no one can answer with certainty – but the more you work on it, the faster the results will come.

As we said, some more significant results with more serious issues can be expected within the first 2 weeks of regular listening – as long as you keep working on resolving the issue consciously. And with less complex issues that you’re already motivated to resolve – it can be as fast as a few sessions.

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