Mar 022014

Many people think that subliminal audio is some sneaky way of mind control that can make us do something that we don’t want to, or that it will magically change our life for the better the moment we press Play. So we have compiled a list of 5 most common misconceptions about subliminal audio – so that you know what to expect (and what not to expect).

Here it goes.

1. Results are instant

When people first start using subliminal audios, they expect it to act immediately, to feel the effects within a few minutes after listening to it for the first time.

It doesn’t work that way. Any change you want to make to your mind and behavior takes time. The results can be fast, but not that fast, and it very much depends on the complexity of the issue you’re working on.

We have another article that covers that in more depth – How Long Does It Take to Work. You may want to check it out, just so that you understand that it doesn’t mean that if the results you were expecting weren’t instant – it doesn’t work.

It works. Just be patient.

2. It will make you lose control

( The Twilight Zone tune)

It won’t. It can only make you more motivated to do the things you wanted to do anyway, to give you the additional boost towards achieving a goal you’re consciously pursuing.

So if you don’t want to turn into a mass murderer or a CIA spy – you won’t.

3. They’re illegal

No, they aren’t 🙂 Too little space in this article to explain the whole mess about it – but we have another one, really detailed and to-the-point: Are Subliminal Messages Illegal?

4. They’re dangerous

Again – a no. As we said, they can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do – and besides, our subliminals are only related to things that can help you to improve and become better.

A more detailed explanation is here: Are Subliminal Messages Dangerous? (yeah, we get a lot of these)

5. They don’t require any effort on your part

Plug in and watch your dreams come true, right?

Sadly… wrong.

You won’t become rich just by buying our Think and Grow Rich subliminal album (that would be quite a marketing stunt, right?). But if you really want to be rich and you are working on it while listening to this subliminal album that gradually changes you so that on the subconscious level you really accept the fact that you’re going to be rich… that’s something completely different.

You have to join your conscious efforts and your subconscious beliefs in order to attain your goal. That’s the kind of help you can expect from the subliminal messages.

Not the instant fix. Not the magic wand.

But it’s still hugely helpful, if you know what to expect from them and if you use them right.

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