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Subliminal audio, as SF as it may sound, is simply an audio recording of statements (usually with the purpose of self-improvement) that are recorded on a frequency that is just out of range of your conscious hearing level.

There’s nothing mysterious about it, but we should probably explain some segments of subliminal audio messaging – just in case you think that, you know, it’s CIA-related ūüėČ

First Things First: What Are Subliminal Messages

Subliminal means “below the threshold of sensation or consciousness”. You know that our mind has two parts: the conscious and the unconscious, or subconscious. With the conscious part of it we make decisions, we register some parts of our reality, we do a lot of thinking with it. That’s¬†when we know what our mind does.¬†But a lot more often¬†we don’t know what it does¬†– and that’s happening in our subconscious.

This is in a way a protective mechanism. We receive so much information every day, and if we had to consciously register and process all of them, our mind would soon blow up. Think about it: when you get out the street you look at the road and you see some people, but your eyes see much more, your ears hear things you don’t register, you rarely notice a mosquito that bites you…

And that’s just the senses. While you’re walking down the street busy with conscious focusing on one or two things, your limbs need to move, your blood has to flow, every single one of your organs has to do its job.

Now imagine what it would be like if you had to think about all these processes! That is, if you had to¬†consciously process all of them.¬†Luckily, you don’t have to. They need to be orchestrated by your mind – but that’s why the subconscious part of it exists. It processes and stores all these information for you.

So subliminal messages are these pieces of information that your conscious mind doesn’t register. They’re called “subliminal” precisely because they¬†directly enter the unconscious parts of your mind.¬†They usually come in forms of audio or visual stimuli – something that your eyes see and your ears hear, but that you just don’t register.

And, as you can see, they’re perfectly natural – although you can¬†decide to take in subliminal messages of your choice.¬†As we here are about subliminal audio, that’s the process we’ll explain, but it works in a similar way for subliminal images and subliminal video too.

The Science of Subliminal Audio

As we saw, everything we have experienced in our life gets stored in our subconscious. It’s not just the sensory stimuli: our mind keeps the thoughts we have as well, and with time they build into beliefs that later dictate most part of our life.

Sometimes these beliefs aren’t beneficial to us. Belief that we have a big nose, for example, or belief that we can’t achieve a certain success. These things can dramatically influence our quality of life. If a big nose becomes a huge issue for a person, no matter how irrational it is, that person could have trouble with confidence and self esteem because of it – not to mention what can happen with more serious issues.

So this person knows that the nose issue is irrational, but he just can’t move past it because somewhere in his subconscious this issue¬†has really become huge.

The best place to attack these non-beneficial beliefs is right where they were created – in the subconscious; and the best way to do it is by placing another belief, a beneficial one, directly in the subconscious.

And that’s exactly what subliminal audios do: they contain positive, beneficial messages which we can’t consciously hear, but which penetrate our mind nevertheless. When we listen to them long enough (a few weeks or a few months, depending on the seriousness of the issue), our mind is able to create new beliefs – which will help us to have a more fulfilling and productive life.

The person with the nose issue could, for example, use subliminal messages like these:

“My nose is normal. I am comfortable with the size and looks of my nose.” And so on. The more he listens to it, the stronger the new belief becomes, and eventually this person will stop feeling uncomfortable about the issue that’s been torturing him for a while.

This was a simple example, obviously, just to depict the process. Subliminal audios today encompass a wide range of issues people are dealing with – from phobias and addictions, to general confidence, weight loss and body image, and enhancing metaphysical experiences.

And… yes, the CIA reportedly used it as well. But this doesn’t mean that it’s dangerous by default. You can choose what negative or limiting belief you want to change – and change it. As simple as that!

Have you tried it yet?

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