Jan 232014

Many people new to the concept of subliminal messages normally have a lot of questions and are rather skeptical about if they actually work or not.

Because of this we have put together this page, which goes over a number of different scientific studies into how subliminal audio and visual messages impact upon the brain as well as social scientific studies into their practicality and applications in everyday life. Continue reading »

Jan 222014

Subliminal messaging works all right, but it’s not a magic wand. That’s the first thing you need to understand before you dive into them.

We deal with the subliminal messages daily – our conscious mind simply can’t process everything we see and hear, so it gets stored in the subconscious. But we can also choose to willingly receive subliminal statements that we think will be beneficial to us, that’s what subliminal audios for self improvement are for. This use of subliminal messages has been scientifically proven, but you have to understand what you can expect from them and how far they can go. Continue reading »

Jan 202014

We have covered what the subliminal audio is in one of the previous posts – to resume: it’s not SF, subliminal messages are actually a normal part of our life (it’s been like that since… well, since we exist) and normal people can use them to improve the quality of their lives.

That’s right 🙂

Today we’ll talk more about how this process works – i.e. how exactly the subliminal audio messages can help us to change our life for the better. Continue reading »

Jan 192014

Subliminal audio, as SF as it may sound, is simply an audio recording of statements (usually with the purpose of self-improvement) that are recorded on a frequency that is just out of range of your conscious hearing level.

There’s nothing mysterious about it, but we should probably explain some segments of subliminal audio messaging – just in case you think that, you know, it’s CIA-related 😉 Continue reading »