Jan 222014

You may best know Whoopi Goldberg for her role as Sister Mary Clarence in Sister Act, but did you also know that she was in Star Trek? I certainly didn’t and the video below is Whoopi Goldberg on a Dutch TV show called College Tour where her role on Star Trek is mentioned.

But that’s not the point of this post.

At the 0.15 seconds part of the video she is asked by an audience member what her favourite role is and she said that doing Star Trek was definitely the role that made her the most happiest because she loved Star Trek as a kid and also because Star Trek was the first sci-fi movie to have black people in it, so appearing in that was a very big deal to her.

The highlight of the video though and the whole point of this post really is at around 1:30 where an audience member gets up and tells her that he is mildly Autistic and that her role in Star Trek as Guinan changed his life, that he found out about Star Trek through her role and he loved it so much that he ended up joining the Star Trek fan-club and by being a member of the fan-club he learned how to socially interact with others. And that he is now married 🙂

Of course she is literally blown away by what he says because as she has stated many times she believes that her roles don’t have any real impact on people and even if she did believe they had some impact I doubt she would have thought that her role in Star Trek would have impacted someone on such a level.

This whole things brings about an important lesson then and that is that you may not think that what you do is providing any inspiration whatsoever but in reality you are more than likely inspiring someone more than you can even imagine, so keep on doing what you are doing, knowing that someone out there someone is being inspired by what you do in ways that you couldn’t even imagine.

Who touched your life and how? Share in the comments!

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