Feb 272014

Here’s a little inspirational story for you!

Kyle Thompson is a 22 year old photographer from Chicago who got into photography at the age of 19 while he was still in college. Three years, and his dream has come true!

The way he got into photography is that he saw some photographs by Francesca Woodman online and he found them very interesting and moving. After showing her photos to a friend, they took his friends parents camera and started taking photos of each other in abandoned houses that they found.

He eventually purchased his own camera and started spending much of his time exploring abandoned buildings and walking through forests and he has actually been to over 50 or so abandoned houses in total.

Most of his work is portraits and that’s due to the fact that he happens to suffer from anxiety problems and had no one to actually take photos of and he also likes portraits because he doesn’t feel comfortable using other models when it comes to expressing himself through his work.

As mentioned Kyle was in college at the time that he started getting into photography and he really had no idea what he wanted to do. He knew he wanted to do something artistic but he was held back by the thought that artists never make much money so he planned on doing something like advertising or psychology.

In 2012 however Kyle’s life changed forever. At that time he had been spending hours each day practising photography and had taken hundreds of photos and he decided to post a collection of what he felt his best to Reddit.

His work quickly went viral and it received over 4 million views and Kyle even had people recognise him in public.

It was after when his work went viral that he decided to quit college and start devoting all his time to his photography.

He even quit his job as a Pizza delivery boy and despite his initial fears things have worked out very well for him and his making more money then ever through commissioned work and prints.

On the subject of dropping out of college Kyle said “I’m the first person in my family to drop out of college, and I’ve never been happier!”

Not only is Kyle very talented but he is also a great example of someone who went for what he wanted. Sure he had his fears but he decided to go for it anyway and he succeeded greatly.

You can see more of Kyle’s photography on his website, KyleThompsonPhotography.

If you have a dream then you too should be like Kyle and go for it. Unless you try you won’t know whether you’ll succeed – so forget you fears and follow your dream!

What’s your dream?

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