Mar 102014

Do you know what’s the most common reason why we feel bad about ourselves?

It’s THIS:


All of us at some time in our life have compared ourselves to someone else. It’s really hard not to as we are basically taught from birth to do so. The thing is though if you catch yourself comparing yourself to someone else you need to stop. Right now!

You need to stop because there is no winning when it comes to comparing! It’s just like what the info-graphic above shows – what eventually happens is the destruction of your self-worth. Do you really want that?

Instead of always coming up with all the reasons why someone else is better than you what you should do is take the time to understand who you are, as you are a unique individual who has great value. You really shouldn’t be wasting your time focusing on what others have; focus on what you have and your unique gifts, that’s much better use of your time!

Think about how you are different from who you used to be because all that matters is being better than who you were. By comparing who you are now to your past self you will see that you have grown – and being able to see that will make you feel good and build up your self-worth, something that comparing yourself to others will never do.


Comment below right now if you’re going to make a commitment to yourself to stop comparing yourself to others!

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