Feb 012014

There is no doubt that Steve Jobs was the very essence of a visionary. During his life he transformed industry after industry and his name and work will live on forever. The following video is a tribute from the man himself to the people just like himself, the crazy ones; the people who see things differently. Continue reading »

Jan 302014

What is the secret of success? 

That’s a question many have asked and I think that question is best answered with a story, a story that involves the ancient Greek Philosopher Socrates.

The way the story goes is that a young man full of ambition like many young men are went up to Socrates and asked him to teach him the secret of Success.

Socrates told him: “OK,  if you’re truly serious about learning the true secret of success, then meet me by the river the next morning”. The young man agreed. Continue reading »

Jan 282014

We have a story for you today!

There was a business man who happened to be very deep in debt and he just couldn’t see anyway out at all. He had creditors demanding their money back and his suppliers were demanding that he paid them.

He decided to take a seat on a park bench and he had his head in his hands and he was just racking his brains to see if he could come up with anything to save his company from bankruptcy. Continue reading »

Jan 262014

One thing you must have if you want to achieve success in life is self-confidence. It allows you to overcome your fears and go for what you really want in life.

It’s important then to work on improving your confidence; confidence isn’t just something that you are born with and can’t work on improving – trust me when I say that you can increase your confidence and the five steps below are an excellent way to start doing so! Continue reading »

Jan 242014

Here’s a little something for those of you who sometimes feel like (or are told to be) the biggest failure ever.

Keep in mind the stories below of famous people who managed to go from failure to success. Just like they did, you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it. Failure is only a temporary setback, you just need to get up and keep on going! Continue reading »