Jan 262014

One thing you must have if you want to achieve success in life is self-confidence. It allows you to overcome your fears and go for what you really want in life.

It’s important then to work on improving your confidence; confidence isn’t just something that you are born with and can’t work on improving – trust me when I say that you can increase your confidence and the five steps below are an excellent way to start doing so!

1. Dress Well And Groom Yourself

If you look like a bum you’re going to feel like a bum. It’s important then for your confidence that you make sure that you groom yourself well, which means that you shower on a regular basis, keep your teeth clean, apply deodorant and get regular haircuts. You also need to dress nicely as well.

Now when it comes to dressing well, that doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy yourself a $500 suit – it simply means that you should wear things that make you look presentable but also that you feel comfortable in.

2. Improve Your Posture

If you’re familiar with Tony Robbins then one of the things he talks about is changing your body language to change your state. Basically if you have slumped shoulders and you’ve got your head down then you aren’t going to feel good at all. Instead what you need to do is stand up straight, keep your head up high and just have the body language of a confident person and you too will feel that much more confident.

Try it right now and you’ll see that it’s true :).

3. Smile

Putting a smile on your face is such a simple thing to do but it works wonders to improve your self-confidence.

A study actually was done in 1989 by a psychologist called Robert Zajonc. It showed that people who smile feel better about themselves than those who don’t smile.

Another reason to smile is because not only will it make you feel better and help to improve your confidence but it will also make others feel better as a smile can go a long way when it comes to cheering someone up.

4. Achieve Goals

A big part of having confidence comes from our successes. Setting and achieving goals then is vital for better self-confidence.

Now don’t be like most people and make the big mistake of setting huge, unreachable goals, because by doing so you’re going to fail and end up discouraged. Instead what you should do is set small goals that you know that you can achieve. Once you’ve achieved it you’ll feel pretty good about yourself and then you can set another small goal and achieve that and so on.

Each small goal that you end up achieving will make you feel that much better about yourself and eventually you’ll have mastered the act of achieving small goals and you’ll be able to set bigger and bigger goals.

5. Exercise Regularly

Exercise will help to improve your self-confidence in two ways. The first way is the fact that following a regular exercise program will allow you to lose fat and build muscle, meaning you look much better and of course how you look plays a big role in your level of confidence.

The second way that exercise will help to improve your confidence is because when you exercise your body releases a chemical known as endorphins – endorphins make you feel absolutely amazing!

What do you do to boost your self-confidence? Share your recipe!

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