Mar 122014

Welcome to our ultimate collection of visual examples of subliminal messages.

As you will see subliminal messages have been used right across advertising – no matter what the product – even the slightest subliminal suggestion can have a huge effect.

Subliminal messaging has long been used within advertising. It has actually been banned from use within TV commercials – you are not allowed to flash images or text too fast for the eye to see, or play sounds subliminally, this is basically due to its manipulative power.

However there is still a LOT of use of subliminal messages in advertising posters and still shots. These vary from hidden text within an image:

Alcoholic drinks manufacturers are especially prone to the use of subliminal messaging within their adverts:

Even the soft drinks manufacturers are at it:

Not forgetting Coca Cola! Arguably the masters of advertising using the power of subliminal messaging. Here is a clever one taken from their drinks vending machine – the body of a woman made out of the ice:

This one is a little more controversial – a woman performing a sex act, again in the ice cubes:

But McDonalds won’t be left out of the fun:

These 2 from Palmolive suggest that she is not alone in the shower – the hand is not hers:

Here is a very aggressive subliminal advert from Candies:

A classic subliminal advert which originally was banned from the yellow pages:

What is that sticking out the bottom of his pants?

Some adverts are less obvious, or less aggressive, but still contain a sexual element – here are some subliminal body parts:

Some sexual positions suggestions from Maoam (kids sweets):

CafePhoto using an outline of a naked woman in their steam coming from the cup:

In an advert for their icecream Swensen’s include an image of a naked female body in the area left by the scoper:

Even Disney use subliminal techniques! Here are a couple of images from their movies:

Above is the movie poster for the little mermaid – here it is zoomed in to reveal a penis representation:

A classic freeze frame from the lion king – for a brief moment the stars spell out the word Sex before forming into Mufassa – Simba’s father.

Here, in another freeze frame from Roger Rabit – Jessica Rabit’s legs become the real legs of a nude woman:

Now to finish here are a couple from the holiday tour company “Club 18-30″ just for fun:

We hope you have enjoyed these visual examples of subliminal messages.

If you have any images you would like to see in this collection please link them in the comments section below!

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