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These are the things I used to do, and what I sometimes fall in to the habit of doing from time to time that never gets me very far.

I am sure you can think of some more too!

1. Moaning

moaningThere are good ways to turn negative feelings into more positive outcomes by simply changing our self talk language.

Rather than saying “The weather in the UK sucks so much I hate it” may be you can say “I am disappointed with the weather this summer, but this means I can save up to go on a decent summer vacation in the sun!”

Or “Great, its raining so much, I have to stay indoors and this gives me the chance to focus on my internet business so that one day I am free to work from anywhere in the world, especially where its sunny all year round!”

Try it and see what subtle changes in your self talk statements can do for you!

2. Multitasking

By this I mean spending hours a day constantly checking emails, youtube comments, facebook pics, profiles & updates, twitter messages, blog posts and pointless conversations on skype or your mobile phone, or doing the ironing and watching T.V at the same time as trying to concentrate on work.

Lets face it checking emails, facebook and any other social media platforms can be sooo addictive!

But if we have important goals we are trying to achieve they will take that much longer to complete.

3. Too Much T.V and Unproductive Time On Social Networks

Most of the highly effective people I know hardly watch T.V, read newspapers or listen to the radio.

They primarily use their social networks for actually networking with people who can help them complete their goals faster or answering questions from their customers or clients, rather than gossiping about what so and so did, or another bad habit, moaning!

The information we feed our minds is as important as the food we eat.. which brings me to..

4. Overeating Junk Food & Unhealthy Food.

healthyfoodWe all know junk food can be bad for us, but very few of us are still aware how bad foods that are often labelled low fat healthy options can be too.

These can be often contain high levels of sugar (that is proven to cause early onset of diabetes, hypertension and obesity) and other artificial flavorings to make up for the lack of fat that actually gives food a decent taste.

Try to avoid all factory based foods, drink more water throughout the day and eat more fresh locally produced foods as often as possible if you want to be a more highly effective person!

5. Excuses

“I can’t do any exercise, the gym is too far away!”

“I can’t possibly invest in education or a mentor to help me reach my goals faster, we are in a recession and money is tight”

“I am just not good looking enough to attract the girl I really like”

These are just a few of the excuses I have made in the past, that did not get many very far.

When you make excuses they just fuel negativity and become a self fulfilling prophecy. Stop making excuses and when you find yourself doing so then instead try and look for the hidden opportunity.

7. Lack Of Exercise

branson exercisingSir Richard Branson was asked, what is the single activity that you do that you would say contributes the most to your productivity.

His reply was “Working Out”

All of the highly effective people I know work out in the gym frequently or play fun competitive sports that they enjoy.

Exercise also helps us to breathe more deeply and oxygenate our cells with vital oxygen.

Breathe deeply, exercise and eat low calorie nutritious food and you will have an abundance of energy to become a highly effective person that you were born to be.

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