Mar 142014

Are you happy with the way you look? It’s more than likely that you’re not – as around 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies.

Now I’m sure you’ll agree that you didn’t consciously create for yourself an unhealthy body image; instead over time you unconsciously developed it due to constant repetition of the images of the so called perfect women in the media…

The thing is though the women in the magazines don’t actually look like that. They happened to be Photoshopped 😉 so if you are suffering from a negative body image and don’t like the way that you look then I think you should give the following video a watch:

In the video plus sized model Robyn Lawley talks about her modelling journey and how she learned to love her body. While watching the video you might actually be amazed at the fact that she is even considered plus sized at all seeing as she’s only a size 12 at 6’2.

Robyn mentions in the video how she started modelling at the age of sixteen and that even at her skinniest she wasn’t skinny enough to model and that she was even called a pig.

A pig! This beautiful woman!

Ellen herself makes a rather interesting point when she mentions the fact that most of the girls in the magazines are like 15 or 16 years old so as a grown woman you’re never going to look like that.

It’s truly amazing to see someone who is some comfortable with her body and as Ellen says it is rare to someone who is so confident with their body and as a woman you’re expected to have parts of your body that you don’t like.

Though the whole video itself is great I think the most important part is at around the 1:12 mark where Robyn talks about how saying that you love your body actually works as by doing that you end up loving your body and you stop caring about the little things and just accept yourself.

Does this woman look like “plus size” to you? And how do you defend yourself against the media pressure?

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