Sep 192014

This is a full first chapter extract from the new ebook that everyone is talking about; The Wealth Code.


How bad do you want to be rich? There is no way to get rich easily. No one ever became rich “accidentally.”

No one ever suddenly woke up the next day after deciding to become rich literally swimming in money. Similarly, no one has ever become a millionaire or a billionaire from claiming they had a “great idea.”

The success enjoyed by Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and every other insanely rich guy out there boils down to one thing: The follow-through. The execution. You could have a great idea but if you’re not desperate enough, if you’re not determined enough, if you’re not hungry enough to follow through and do what it takes, then you’re never going to be rich.

So, do you have what it takes? Do you have what is needed to become wealthy?

Let’s take a moment and see what the principles to wealth are. This report will use these principles in detail to describe how you unlock the secrets to wealth.

First, you need to evaluate your requirements and rid yourself from negative influences. In the section entitled “The Starting Point” this report will describe key factors for identifying your needs. Then, itemizing where the negative drag of life limits you from realizing success, you will learn to cut these ties that bind you.

Second, the biggest limitation to wealth is fear. Surprisingly, fear is self-imposed. It is driven by the subconscious mind using memories and emotions fed by conscious mind feedback. From childhood, life is learned by how not to do things. Negative events create the foundation of learning.

Worry, anxiety, and fear form the scaffolding of decisions. These are all abstract thoughts that have, at best, 5% chance of reality when using the laws of statistics. Adopting a wealth mindset requires you to think with positivity. Positivity is to face fear for what it is really. Fear is valueless. Fear is imagined. Fear is self-imposed. Laugh at fear, “Fear Nothing” and no one.

Third, wonderful ideas may be wonderful, but they are best left alone or even ignored. The section “Great Ideas vs. Great Execution” will explore the role of follow-through on great ideas. Most ideas are just that… great ideas. They rarely see the light of day.

Fourth, maintain your attention on the goal or final endpoint. Focus on this desired outcome. Follow-through is the vehicle of success. In the section, “Keep Your Eye On The Prize,” the value of attention is driven home.

Fifth, a critical gem to wealth is holding to the mindset of owning wealth. Most people are reared in a negative culture bent on learning from failure rather than success. The word, “no” is central to all development. The wealth mindset is a positive one that must be owned; it cannot be imagined. You must “Own it.”

wealth-code-action-stepsSixth, overcoming the fear of other individual’s skills is critical to unlocking wealth. The successful person of wealth knows how to harness other people’s talents and is not afraid to use it. Most importantly, the wealth mindset realizes there are many people with more intelligence, but who lack the knowledge to attain wealth. These individuals are very happy to display their talent if it is properly rewarded. It is imperative to “Hire smarter people than you” to realize wealth.

Seventh, most businesses operate as managers, rather than entrepreneurs. Businesses are coddled and cared for as if babies or gentle-growing plants. Still, all businesses have an expiration date. This is not necessarily for the business, but for the wealth-entrepreneur. Human behaviour is what it is. Boredom and interest patterns are always factors.

Business climates also fluctuate. What is a hot market one moment can become a cool market another moment. A new entrepreneur driving the business can identify a new mission to infuse new energy and profit. In the meantime, “Know When To Pull The Cord.”

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Chapter continues on from here with a title of “Secret Number 1: The Starting Point” – the whole book is actually free to download for a limited time here.


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