Sep 182014

Prosperity Mantra? Hocus-pocus nonsense? Well, we can assure you, they are NOT… and one famous entrepreneur (Steve Jobs) who changed the world through his business and inventions would assure you too..

Below we want to share Steve’s personal life mantra with you, but first just a little info on…

What is a Mantra?

Most people don’t even know what mantras are, let alone live by them. They live their entire lives steeped in self-doubts and fears, and come up with convenient excuses when they find themselves unable to get past obstacles in their lives. That is the primary reason why they will never achieve abundant wealth.

A mantra is a personal statement that you live by and focus on – more than just “positive affirmations”, a mantra is a single, more personally thought out affirmation which stays with you.. it becomes part of you.. and you live to your mantra.. in essence you manifest your mantra and become it!

A mantra can have the potential to completely change your life, by giving you the ability to attract limitless abundance of wealth and prosperity. But before we take a look at how Prosperity Mantra can transform your life, we must first understand what mantras are in the first place.

Who Uses Mantras?

What about successful people then? Do they have mantras? Do they use some secret weapon to achieve success? How are they different from people who languish in failure?

The short answer – these 2 groups of people are very different from each other.

For successful people, it is a foregone certainty that each and every single one of them shares this one common trait – the mantra. In other words, they owe their corporate success to their own mantras, be it wealth or general or inspirational in nature.

One of the more successful examples is the creator of the ubiquitous Apple products you see people using everywhere these days;
Steve Jobs.

Right from the beginning, Steve Jobs stuck to a mantra that would be pervasive throughout his entire life – its really simple actually – his key to life, his single most important thing is the process of simplifying everything:


Make Your Own Prosperity Mantra!

This is actually an excerpt from this free ebook – the next chapter shows you how to build your very own prosperity mantra in 3 simple steps – download the full ebook for free here:

prosperity-mantra-ebook-downloadp.s. do you have your own mantra? Please leave a comment and share it, I’d love to hear it! – Or read the mini report ^ and then come back and post your prosperity mantra!

Apr 132014

Michael Jordan is considered the best player in the history of the NBA. During his basketball career he won six championship rings, six final MVP’s, 5 NBA MVP’s and a host of other accolades and accomplishments, including holding the NBA record for highest career regular season scoring and highest career playoff scoring.

Not a Basketball player anymore, Jordan is now an entrepreneur and is the majority owner and chairman of the Charlotte Bobcats and has an estimated net worth of  $650 million.

We could say he’s a successful man, right? Continue reading »

Apr 102014

Winston Churchill was a British Prime Minister who served from 1940 – 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. He led Great Britain for most of World War Two and because of his refusal to give into Nazi Germany he is regarded as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 20th century. During his lifetime he came out with many amazing quotes and below are twenty-eight of his most inspiring quotes:

1. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.”

2. “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Continue reading »

Apr 062014

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort

The movie Wolf of Wall Street is where you’ll know Jordan Belfort from. In the movie directed by Martin Scorsese you get to watch Belfort who is played by Leonardo DiCaprio become insanely rich by defrauding investors and you also get to see his downfall when the authorities come down on him.

Jordan now works as a business coach and motivational speaker and though what he did was wrong, it still takes a powerful mindset to reach the kind of level that he did and you can take that mindset and use it to achieve success in a way that wont end up with you in prison.

Without further ado then here are ten of the best quotes on success from The Wolf of Wall Street himself: Continue reading »

Apr 022014

Every once in a while our level of motivation is pretty non-existent and when that is the case for you, reading the below quotes is just what you need to get them back up again!

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